The geographic location of the hotel offers a choice at Il Tabacchificio between the long sandy beaches of the Ionian Sea or the cliffs of the Adriatic coast.

Going by the Gagliano SS-274 Santa Maria di Leuca Gallipoli (output Hi), a few miles from the hotel you can find the sandy beaches of Marina di Salve, including Pescoluse, Torre Pali, Old Place and Lido Marini. The coast continues to Gallipoli.

The Adriatic coast is mostly rocky with stunning views that depart from Ciolo, continue to Marina di Novaglie, Tricase Porto, Santa Cesarea until you get to Otranto.


Adriatic Coast

Always starting from Leuca, Otranto towards jaw-dropping crystal-clear sea of the deep canyon called Ciolo bridge. Thinking about these places one can not speak of the grandeur of nature. In the coast up to Tricase, with its important port worth visiting Marina Serra and the coastline to Andrano, famous for its Green Cave bulbous stalactites.

And here reached Castro, who dominates. With its old town and castle, to which they counterpoise the port and one of the most beautiful bays in the region, deserving of the beautiful blue flag of the European Community for the purity of the sea. Along the rugged coast, the cliffs overlooking the sea and the great cave Zinzulusa, almost one kilometer long, with stalactites and stalagmites, a colony of many bats.

Ionic Coast

Starting from Leuca, Punta Ristola the landscape changes dramatically: the costs high and wild, take over the lower cliffs and sandy beaches, red earth and vineyards, interrupted by sixteenth century towers.

The first village we find is Patù, with its tower S. Gregory, was the port of Vereto, messapica ancient city destroyed in the ninth century.

Going up north are now Torre Vado (Morciano di Leuca) and the location of Pescoluse, other seaside resorts such as Torre Pali (Salve), Torre Mozza and Torre San Giovanni (Ugento) Here are the most beautiful sandy beaches of Salento.